Indrid Nation II

Left as a comment July 2011

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Dear Viewer,

Back here again with you and this “Indrid Nation.” I cant find the field for posting an actual story on this site, so I’ve resorted to posting my story in this comment area, any suggestions about that?

First I’d like to thank the employees of whalesinspace for posting my comments. I was looking at my and the other Kuld comments, to see if my comment was past the moderation process and I remembered that I had an alleged call from Indrid Kuld in my phone-mail.

A couple of months ago, like usual; I received a typical call from Indrid, but the call was left in my phone-mail. I kept the call saved, but its no longer there and I remembered to keep saving it to keep it in the mail-box. When I first listened to the recording; I saved it and thought about posting it on this site. Then, a couple of weeks later; I listened to it again and I saved it and when I went to check my messages again, all of my voice-mail had been deleted, not just the alleged Indrid message. A few days after that, the Indrid message was back in my voice-mail-box, as a saved message. So; I listened to it and it was more or less the exact same message, although it was hard to tell, because the Indrid-voice-mail was a series of repeating-electronic sounds.

So, today; I see my other comment was posted and I’ll post the Indrid recording, but I’m not sure if its still in my voice-mail. This Indrid-recording is electronic in nature. It sounds like about more than 7 tones that are repeated in a pattern, which in part sounds like a broken washing machine. However, the electronic-staccato-like pattern follows a definite rhythm, which is noticeable. Also, the call isnt accompanied with the usual return-caller information and function, which is on my phone. I tried to call-back the caller and view their calling-phone number, but neither of these phone functions worked. Furthermore, it is possible that someone with electronic gadgets left the voice-mail and I say that only because I used to have a hand-held electronic device, which I acquired as a result of the phenomenon, which produced a similar sound as the one described above. This device, which I had a long time ago, was quite strange. It was about the size of an ipod and it had just one speaker on it. It didnt have any identifiable words or markings on it, but it did have some sanyo batteries in it, when I found it. What the device did, is it produced an electronic staccato-sound, which only repeated its self, over and over again with the push of a button, which was the only button on the thing. The sound it produced, was comprised of perhaps three different tones, which had a hypnotic effect. When the sound-button on the device was released, the sound would stop and it would play again in the same pattern, when pressed down and the sound was the same pattern of sounds, over and over again, for as long as it was played. I took the device apart and found quite a few different electronic components inside, which was strange, because all it did was play only one repeating sound. I expected to find something small, in the way of components. It had a PCB, with a configuration of components that was sort of like a telephone. The device produced a sound which was definitely hypnotic in nature, which gave me a very strange sensation and even made me fantasize about things, which were sophismistic, when I played the sound it made and for a time afterwards; I was actually brain-washed by it, in that I believed the fantasies it caused me to mentally believe. It was a very strange experience and I dont know what happened to the device; I no longer have it.

One pertinent fact about this, is that Indrid Kuld and the like, have been reported by people who claim that these strange types of ‘people,’ alleged as Indrid’s, have been seen attemting to hypnotize people with electronic equipment, such as multi-colored lights and strobe-like lights. References to that can be found in John Keels book: The Mothman Profecies. Also; Id like to repeat the fact that the device, other than the batteries, didnt have any indentifiable words or markings on it, such as the country it was made, name of manufacturer or brand name, but, it did have some numbers printed on it, which were on a metal sticker on the back of the device, which was just one big long number that was about 175 digits long at about a size 12 character. I thought that was the strangest thing about it. Also, none of the internal electronic components had any names or markings on them.

Some people would say that I need to take some ‘medication,’ or stop imagining things. This phenomena is real and the Indrids in question can pay a visit to me any time they want in what ever way they may. There isnt anything I can do to change that. Also; my so-called contact with this phenomena is an indelible feature of my life. Its been on going for more than a decade and what; Im just supposed to forget about 10-some years of my life, so other people can feel comfortable, in their weakness? Personally; I think its funny and the adrenaline rush that Indrid gives me, is well worth, its a drug of intense indescribable fear and I enjoy it. When a day goes by wherein Indrid and the similar phenomenon isnt very active, at those times; I feel like Im not making enough progress with what Im doing. Not always, but when an Indrid comes around, they sometimes effect me in such a way, with an imposed-feeling from them, which feels utterly indescribable, that makes ones hair stand on end along with the hair on your arms, that feels like an electric current of electrified water, running through my veins… Very intense.

For further review and information, feel free to contact me at the listed email, if you are 18 years of age or older.

New BigFoot Sighting – Ukraine 2011. Fake ou pas?

The ‘new’ blurry bigfoot footage was first brought to my attention on thenightmyths’ youtube channel.

After contact thenightmyths, I found out they found it on a French website

Check it out for your self.

I didn’t know the French even cared about bigfoot!

I guess they do, as a friend recently sent me a link to a bigfoot book he recommended I read, and it was originally in French.

From GoodReads description of Sasquatch/Bigfoot and the Mystery of the Wild Man: Cryptozoology & the Mythology in the Pacific Northwest
by Jean-Paul Debenat, Translator Paul LaBlond :

“In this remarkable volume, Dr. Jean-Paul Debenat, a professor of comparative literature (University of Nantes, France) with a flair for anthropology, takes us far beyond the realm of documented research on the Sasquatch/Bigfoot phenomenon. His extensive travels in North America, skillful investigations, and years of research on the ‘wild man’ throughout world history have resulted in this highly authoritative work.

Dr. Debenat’s handling of the subject is both unique and exciting, as well as being highly factual. Rather than a simple presentation of facts and findings, we are taken to the very ‘heart’ of the matter with meaningful insights and knowledgeable interpretations – – one experiences the full spectrum of learning, including emotion.

Originally published in French, the work has been translated, modified, and enhanced for the English-speaking public. It is a classic work that will intrigue readers in all walks of life.”

I think I had better read it.

UFO Report From Catasauqua, Pennsylvania – July 3rd 2011

We have tracked the amazing amount of reports of UFOs that are seen around early July, specifically over Pennsylvania, but seen all over the world. This year was no different with several sightings being reported to Whales In Space.

A new report from over Catasauqua, Pennsylvania.

Saw about 20 to 30 lights July 3rd in Catasauqua Pa. My neighbor called me to come out and see the lights, I didn’t expect to see what I saw. It was a huge line of white lights that seem to float in a random pattern while keeping in line, it had to be at least 4 or 5 blocks long. I figured it was some type of balloon with a flare or led type light attached for the 4th but they flew right over the Lehigh Valley airport so they would need some type of clearance wich leads me to believe there would be some mention somewhere about the event but I have heard nothing and heard of no other sightings of this, anyone out there see this?

For past years check out
July 2009
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Legend of the Desert Bigfoot

Sent to us by Whales In Space tipster Quacky, in 1995, Focus on the Family released a Christian themed Sasquatchploitation film called Legend of the Desert Bigfoot as part of their The Last Chance Detectives series.

While the trailer seems to be mostly showing off ‘Jake’ the dogs amazing acting skills, the true nature of the Desert Bigfoot is revealed at the end of this clip, so if you planned to sit down and spend 55 minutes of your life soaking up the glory of the excellent piece of Christian Sasquatchploitation, be warned.

Whales in Space has already explored the Christian – Bigfoot connection, so having some cinema to go along with some of the odd ball comments from Jesus is… reassuring?

New Comment From Mel Waters

The tale of Mel Waters and The Devil’s Hole has drawn a lot of attention since being told to Art Bell in 1997.

On June 28th 2011, we received a comment from someone claiming to be Mel Waters. The email address that was left was returned when I tried to email it, so Mel, if you read this, please contact us with a good email address. If you use the Contact form or call the paranormal hotline at (571) 24WEIRD, we won’t publish your information.

Mel’s comment below.

Hello to all of you. This is Mel. I’m sorry I’ve been inconspicuous for so long, but you see, I had to put my life back together after my experiences with the hole. I returned to Australia to renew my efforts with my wombat refuge after finally receiving a large settlement from the BLM. I have not spoken of the hole or its properties since my last conversation with Art on Coast to Coast, as part my agreement with the U.S. Government. I can however, discuss generally, the second hole I discovered in Nevada while living among the Basque people there. I can assure you all that everything I told Art and his listeners regarding THAT hole was true. Out of respect for the local culture though, I cannot reveal its location without their consent and they do not wish it to be so. The elders there see the hole as a sacred place and would not want it compromised by outsiders and media. I can say that my experiences there changed my life and I don’t regret any of them. I hope that some day I will be able to reveal everything in a way that will allow the public to know the truth, but I am not in a position to do that at present. I will say that I believe the truth will be known one day, but I can’t say how. I could prove my story but the risk to myself is too great, and I’ve learned from my experiences that when I get an offer, its best to take the money and run. I hope you all understand and maybe you’ll hear from me again, sooner or later…

– Mel

Orange Ball Of Light Over Lake Meade, Pennsylvania

And the unexplained ORBL sightings continue.

July 2nd 2011 around 10:15pm EST We were on my parents pontoon boat fishing at Lake Meade, PA along with friends rafting together with their pontoon boat. When my brother saw a bright amber/orange/red glowing ball of light coming from the South West across to the North East. There wasn’t any wind and it continued a straight horizontal path without changing course or speed. Took about 2-3 minutes to pass over us. We continued to fish for about another hour when we got caught in a torrential downpour. So everyone brought in their lines and we raced back to the docks with docking lights on so we could see through the rain. As we approached the docks hovering above us was again this ball of light.