OSS & Bigfoot And Beer No More

The subject of the post is ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END as Toby A. Johnson drops the bomb that after two years, the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium is no more.

I will miss a great portion of the planning and the visiting with the Squatchy community, but my heart is no longer in it.

And with the end of OSS, the end of Bigfoot and Beer
With the final one on August 10th

Over the past couple years, so many great Bigfoot stories have come from the Willamette National Forest and in particular the Oakridge, Oregon area. All one has to do is look at the amount of reports in and around the HWY 58 and HWY 19 and soon even the novice will notice a spike in activity. Aside from all that, it is a beautiful part of Oregon and now it offers a new home for the followers of BIGFOOT & BEER.

Brewers Union Local 180 is a fantastic pub set aside on the outskirts Oakridge, Or. in what used to be downtown. I have written a little bit about on the website tonight and invite you to take a gander and where we will be on the 10th of August at 6:30.

For one reason or another the link up icon on the OSS website is not working, so you will have to copy and paste the URL.

However, if you wanna go right to the Brewers Union webstie go to


Jerry Hein will have Squatchy gear for sale that night and I will be there on hand if you feel the urge to pay my beer tab, joke!

I never attended an OSS, because of scheduling conflicts and now never will.

Maybe we all need to start up our own Sasquatch Symposiums.

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