Orange Ball Of Light UFOs Over Pembroke Pines, FL – 2/24/2012

Fresh off UFO Stalker case # 36119, multiple orange UFOs seen February 24th, 2012 over Pembroke Pines, Florida.

On my way home from my job, traveling west on pines blvd, i saw 4 redish orangish orbs in a horizontal formation slowly moving, they were spread out with a decent distance of atleast a couple hundrad feet, traveled perfectly in a straight line. then vanish into thin air after about 30 min of me seeing them. Others reported seeing the same orbs of light. Planes were visible in the sky aswell and were def different.

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5 thoughts on “Orange Ball Of Light UFOs Over Pembroke Pines, FL – 2/24/2012

  1. I saw the same thing last week. Feb 22? An orange circle moving, I caught a 13 second clip on my iphone. Nothing like I have ever seen before. I live in NYC – union sq.

  2. Paul,

    I live in NJ, and last night I saw an orange glowing craft in the sky. It did not have blinking lights on it, and it stopped for about 7 seconds, and then continued on towards NYC area. This was definitely NOT a plane. I am glad to see that others have spotted this as well.

  3. We saw a big orange ball traveling through the sky yesterday evening about 7.30 South African time. It was awsome but also very scary I thought it was going to land nearby our house because it was not traveling very fast.It was about the size of a small beach ball (net ball)

  4. My wife and i also witnessed 2 orange lights in Pembroke Pines near I75 and pines blvd. The same place where john blaha witnessed them in december!

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