Back Of Bigfoot Photo

Bigfoot Game Cam photo from 2008 Credits: American Bigfoot Society

A photo of the back of bigfoot as taken from a trail-cam has been released for the world to argue about.

Paranormal blogger Melissa Hovey claims to have had the photo for several years and didn’t release it at the request of the photographer.

The photographer has since disappeared, but Hovey and the American Bigfoot Society has trying to take care of the photos copyright.

” The American Bigfoot Society holds the copyright for this image for any and all purposes. As stated in the last article, if and when the true owner of this photo steps up, we will turn the copyright over to them, and they can cover this.

This image and its use on the various websites, discussion forums blogs and any other form of social media, for purposes of discussion/evaluation/research by the general public, Bigfoot Researchers and/or the media, BE ON NOTICE: the copyright MUST be maintained and placed on any images taken from this photo for any purpose and/or distributed or displayed in any manner.

This will be strictly enforced. Any questions about the use of this image should be emailed to the American Bigfoot Society at:

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