UFOs Over North East 1968/1969

The following sighting was submitted as a comment on Orange UFOs Over Pennsylvania – July 4th 2009 Update.

Myself and about 10 others saw the same pattern over NY in 1968/69. I was age 12 or 13. We were in Connecticut standing outside a Community Center Building. It was about a half hour after dark. We saw 11 or 12 lighted dots at about 40 degrees above the horizon. They were moving from the Long Island area South. The dots held formation except for 2 toward the rear that appeared to swap position. I have reported this event one other time ten years ago on an online UFO registry. Very interesting to see this formation posted here.
The Community Center, mentioned above, had bands play on saturday night. This was a non-alcohol youth dance. The other witnesses were ages 11 to 14 at the time.

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