Orange UFOs Over Pennsylvania – July 4th 2009 Update

At 8:22 PM PDT or 11:22 PM in Pennsylvania, an Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sighting was posted in the comments of an existing post.

30 or so orange lights seen over Bethlehem Pennsylvania, described as flying in a formation like the constellation Pegasus.

The comment was moved to its own post and received multiple comments of others who had seen the UFOs.

A quick check of the site brings up Event ID 17791, a sighting of 15-20 lights, again reported as flying in a formation. The report sites Bethlehem Pennsylvania as the location of the sighting and includes an image of the formation that the lights were flying in.

We were driving home after our local fireworks display. I looked to the northeast of our vehicle and saw what looked like light rising into the air. After a little while it became obvious that they weren’t rising, but moving. There were about 15-20 lights in the sky flying in a loose formation from north to south. There was a main group and a smaller group further behind of about 5 lights. Many people were pulling over to view the lights. One woman in the car next to us asked us what they were. I kept thinking that they were most likely aircraft. But they were flying low in a very loose formation with bright lights on, which seemed odd to me. It is certainly something I’ve never seen before. We lost sight of the lights when they continued south and were too far away to continue viewing.

Additional reports of orange lights were sighted over Almyra PA (Event ID 17792), Ellwood City PA (Event ID 17793), Hanover Township PA (Event ID 17795), and Lafayette Indiana (Event ID 17794).

The orange lights didn’t stop there. More sightings from Seaside California, Spring Valley California, Barstow California, and Federal Way Washington.

Will July 4th 2009 be remembered as the night the Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings that have been filling British skies in recent months finally arrived in the United States?

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46 thoughts on “Orange UFOs Over Pennsylvania – July 4th 2009 Update

  1. I was in long island Ny last night and my cousins and 50 other people saw the exact same thing. A very fast object with rocket speed. It had no sound to it so it was not a plane nor was it a firework. It stopped literally stopped in mid air for 5 secs in front of the moon glowing red and orange and the shadow showed the object was circular. It then took off outta site.

  2. I would like to add that there was a definite sighting here in eastern switzerland yesterday, July 4th, at around 22:30 local time.
    At first there was at first a strong clear yellow light, smaller than a full moon, followed by more. At the end there were probably more than 12. They moved in a straight line, but one abruptly stopped in the middle of the sky. The whole event lasted about 2-3 minutes.
    It should be noted that they appeared to be moving from the South-West to the North-East, towards Germany.

    The neighboors saw the same, although there was no mention of anything in the news.

    Anybody know what this was?

  3. I was in Bali on July 4th and saw 12 or more Orange lights high up in the sky……I witnessed them for between 3-4 minutes untill they just dissappeard…….

  4. Also in Bay City MI fireworks show. Orange ball of light seen. If you youtube it you will see they were all over MI july 4th.

  5. We were standing in the backyard watching fireworks when we saw 8 – 10 balls of orange lights with prongs sticking out, almost shaped like ceiling fans. They were flying in perfect precision with exact distances between them. The were flying from north to south.

  6. I was in Patchogue NY (Long Island) and me and about 20 other people saw the same thing. we saw about 20-30 of them. im not sure if they were in the formation of pegasus as i was not paying attention to the pattern rather the fact i had never seen anything like that before.

  7. We saw these too! My husband and kids went to a pro fireworks show about 20 miles from our lake cabin, and when they got home, they started telling me they saw these 3 “glowing/burning UFOs” that were not fireworks, and were moving together, totally silent, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I didn’t really believe them, but then they looked out the window and yelled “there they are!!”. We all went outside, and there were 2 of the glowing/burning round lights, moving together, no sound at all. They seemed to move slow for a long time, then suddenly they went SUPER far away in just a matter of about 2 seconds, then disappeared from sight. I’ve been reading accounts all evening, and seeing Youtube videos from all over the world, of the same thing!!

  8. Chinese lanterns over PA, Washington State, California, Patchogue and Long Island NY, Bay City MI, Eastern Switzerland, and Bali?

    No way.

  9. I saw one on the night of July 4th, 2009. Chicago, IL a little after 10pm. Saw an orange glowing fireball moving in a linear patter from east to west for about 2 minutes till I lost sight of it. I thought it was part of a firework that was still lit and burning in the sky, but it never fell, never dimmed and kept moving. I thought it was strange, but thought nothing of it until I started seeing everyone else reporting the same thing! Very strange!!!

  10. We saw the same thing on Long Island, New York as Otilia in Chicago. I emailed someone at and he said definately not a meteor, maybe a satelite or spent rocket booster. Now I am freaked out knowing this happened all over the country!

  11. Between 9 and 10 PM, I saw a single object in the sky to the east of Hellertown. I thought it was the remanent of a firework or a signal flare. It appeared to be a light colored square with a flickering orange light underneath. I thought it was a small parachute with the burning remanent of a firework or flare underneath. It was moving from west to east at a steady speed, but didn’t seem to be descending. It must have been much higher than I first thought, as I lost sight of it as it moved above some clouds near the moon.

  12. last night, july 7th 2009, i was sitting on my friends back porch by the pool admiring the full moon. it was such a weird night. the moon was incredibly bright and i could see NO stars. Faintly, i was able to see a few random ones here and there. But to the east of where i saw the moon, was a very, VERY bright light in the sky. this thing stuck out big time. i didnt understand why this “star” or light was so damn bright, yet I could barely see any other stars whatsoever. I watched it for nearly two hours and saw the light DEF move. It was a slow pace but looked more like it was very stable in its hovering. I knew for sure it was moving my chair up from under the balcony to see it. About an hour and a half later the clouds came in and I couldnt see it any longer. Obviously it was about the clouds but it looked so mysterious. like it was being controlled. a star? were my eyes playing tricks on me? i dunno…it was so bright though. bright like an orange flare but stable like a star with mobility. interesting night. i believe

  13. Approximately 10pm on July 4th, I saw an orange, glowing ‘object’ traveling North to South at a slow rate of speed. The light eminating from this orb was totally different than any lights I’ve ever seen on any aircraft. Interesting thing about this entire event is that no local media have picked up on it. Wonder why ? ( Or better yet – why not ? ! ? ). Sending this from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  14. I was in Philly that night, waiting for late fireworks downtown, and saw two lights moving rapidly but at fluctuating speeds from North to South. It almost looked as if the second light was playfully chasing the first one–nearly catching up and then falling back. Sighting lasted about 30 seconds. This was right about 10PM.

  15. My mom and I saw a single bright orange/red light in the sky, we watched for about 5 mins and it faded away, could this have been the same thing?

  16. My boyfriend and I were driving home in kansas city, MO after watching all the firework displays on the 4th of July. On the way we started discussing the cluster of orange orbs I witnessed over westport on january 17th 2009. As I was trying to describe to him the odd luminescence which the fireballs emitted I pointed out an orange glow in the sky to suggest that it resembled what I saw. Then I slowed the car and realized it was exactly like the orbs I saw in January (only there was one of them on july 4th and maybe 10 in january). We stopped and got out of the car to get a better look and watched this thing move southward under the clouds for a few minutes before it went up and disappeared from sight.

  17. I live in kansas city as well and me and a group of people saw 4 orange lights flying in formation close to KCI. There were 3 lights close to each other and the 4th was alittle behind the others. They all vanished at almost the exact same spot in the sky. Never seen anything like that in my life. They were not aircraft thats for sure and they were glowing an orangish yellow light. No blinking once so ever.

  18. Concerning the orange fireballs over PA during the 4th of July week 2009. I know a person who saw a large silver shaped disk/ball which went ethereal (from view to invisible) but he never reported it. He along with a teenager and young kid on a swing in a playground saw it in right before the 4th of July.

    He explained to me it was traveling west towards Clearfield County. He also said it reminded him of the silver mercury filament you find in a thermostat as it was solid then liquid in shape and was larger than a 747 airliner. It was traveling high and westward near sunset he said.

    Go figure I normally can trust him but this is to bizarre…

  19. i have also witnessed the sightings of these orange lights. it was on november 7th 2009 at around 8pm GMT. This was in bromley kent united kingdom.
    i was driving to the shop with my dad and i was looking at the sky to see the fireworks when i saw a orange bright light in the sky i was waiting for it to burst into a firework like most fireworks do but this didn’t. I then saw around 6 of them all grouped together but they was 1 in front and the rest were following they were flying in one direction which was north it was faster than a plane. My dad is sceptic and he even couldn’t believe what he saw we stopped the car to look and then they just disappeared. People who say these are chinese lanterns are seriously insulting my intelligence. I believe that what i saw was definitly a ufo it was not a firework neither was it a plane.

  20. A bunch of my family and I saw an orange glowing light over Rushford Lake, NY on 7-4-09. It was most definitely not a firework. It seemed pretty high up, moved/hovered very slowly, and was silent. Much of the time it seemed to be stationary. We watched it for at least 20 to 30 minutes! Did anyone else in the area see it?

  21. ok. i had to check out some sortof website on which i could find responses left about the exact same thing i saw. it was after last nights firework show in longbeach. i was hangin out at some spot right off of atlantic ave? and looked northeast into the sky. i thought “hey look… thats alott of planes”. but they definately were not planes. flying in different directions but all towards the same area, these orange lights.. about 15 to 20 of them were in the sky and basically looked like they were all taking off and literally disappearing into space. not over the horizon.. like up out of the earths atmosphere. lastnight was a very clear night. the lights however didn’t show up on our cell phone video or cameras. their flight pattern is literally exact to the dots shown on the other page of this website. this happened saturday june 26th at roughly 10:30pm.

  22. Neighbors and I witnessed a bright orange light flyng overhead tonight at 10: 38 thought 10:41 pm. It flew from North to South and was very bright, then appeared to grow dimmer as it proceded Southward. It was out of sight at 10:41. This was most certainly not a conventional aircraft. Did anyone else see it?

  23. OK This is July 3rd 2010 and my self and 3 other people just watched a couple of orange balls cross through the sky and then fade. I was sent the link to this site after posted what I seen to facebook. Really weird. I am in Russellville Ar.

  24. Tonight after watching the Lime Rock, CT July 4th fireworks, a formation of 4 orange lights (small bright dots) appeared in the sky, moving in a straight line. There was no sound. The first one seems like it was moving faster towards the North, as the other were following, but fanning out. All one by one disappeared above us. A dozen people surrounding us witnessed the event without a clear plausible explanation.
    A few moments after the first ones disappeared, two more would appear, then disappear within a few minutes. Then more would appear again.
    As it was night, it was hard to tell if these dots were coming from the south over the horizon or ascending miles away, before disappearing in the stratosphere. The point of origin was though multiple, spread out from west to east.
    Like all who were with us, I have never seen something like this before.
    I would be curious to hear any comments in regards to this sighting…as I have no clear explanation.

  25. I just saw the same thing in easton Pennsylvania on july 3rd 2010 it didnt seem like they were moving at first until I acutally stopped to look at them nd notice that they were moving in a loose formation with a big group in the front nd a small group in the back

  26. I posted last night the sighting of orange light formation in the area of Lime Rock CT.
    Today, still intrigued by what we witnessed last night, I asked a few people who live around us if they had seen the same orange light after the fireworks. And yes, a few had seen them, but did not know what it was.
    Then, I finally ran into someone who had an explanation.

    Yes – Chinese Lanterns. Big ones! 3 to 4 ft tall ones… ones!

    This person had found one in a field after it had fallen. You can see videos on Youtube about Chinese Lantern. These Chinese Lanterns looked like the orange we saw last night.
    It makes sense. The lantern would first take off in one large group – would spread out with the wind – some hovering, then fading as the flame within them would burn out and disappear into the night.
    It is also not a coincidence that these sightings would appear on New Year’s eve or celebration such as the 4th of July. It is just another form of Fireworks.

    We were strangely disappointed when we got an explanation to our mystery, as after reading similar sighting online, we were so excited to have finally witnessed what may have been the presence of UFO. But, once we were told by this person they found a large Chinese lantern after it burned out, we unfortunately came to the conclusion that these orange lights were not related to UFO but simply Chinese Lanterns.
    We will continue to scan the sky for real sightings. I hope this helps others understanding what they may have seen.

  27. My wife and I saw the same thing and we are on Long Island, it was approx. 10PM on July 4th 2010 and I saw a group of orange red/ white lights coming from the North they were in a triangle formation( I was in my back yard walking my dog)
    I have pilot training and these were not aircraft!
    Behind the group of 3 was another group of 3. Then my wife came running outside yelling at me to look cause she saw the lights from our bedroom window. When I went to look from our bedroom window I saw a long trail of lights coming from the north and then they would turn east and disappear.
    This went on for 20 minutes and there had to be 15-20 of them in a line. The strange thing about it was close to the end there was a group of 7-8 of them that formed a triangle shape.
    This was strange and I feel stupid reporting this but we saw what we saw!

  28. I was in Gary, Indiana this July 4th 2010 and saw a very bright object in the sky… it appeared to be burning as if it were on fire and it moved slowly- just gliding like a bird heading north then it slowed down then changed its flight path mid flight and headed east towards the city of Hobart.

  29. i would really like to believe it was chinese lanterns or flarechutes but i’ve seen these things 2 years in a row. last year one flew directly overhead, and this year i saw six from a distance. they did not follow metered wind directions, and flew definite courses with changes.

  30. in bristol, pa on july 4 2010 i saw 7-10 orange/red lights in the the weeks prior i saw 1 or 2 at a time. all within the time frame of 8p.m.-11p.m….now, a month later, ive seen 1 orange light 2 nights in a row in richboro, pa at my girlfriends house. i looked on the internet and a video came up from 2008 from channel 6 news reporting from middletown, pa at the oxford valley mall, sayin that people saw the same thing, and 1 person caught it on video…whats goin on???

  31. My husband and I saw about 20 orange lights in Bethlehem tonight as my husband and I were driving home. We were driving south on 378 over the Hill to Hill Bridge and saw a cluster of lights over the Lehigh River. Balloons? Chinese Lanterns? We don’t know. They were too high to tell, but weren’t as high as the stars. They didn’t move, so they weren’t planes. I don’t know what was going on in town. Maybe some sort of festival/fair/carnival that would’ve done this? It was really weird.

  32. On September 5, 2010 around 09:45pm I was driving on broad st. in bethlehem, pa and noticed about 15-20 bright orange lights flying in the sky from north to south . They were flying in a strange formation in the back , six orange lights made a half a rectangle in the back , while about 14 of them flew in a strange pattern ahead of them . They were in the sky traviling very slow but silent. after 4min they slowley one by one diminished. Never seen anything in the sky like that . Anyone else see the same thing?

  33. Time: 10:00 p.m. Location of Sighting: Thornville Ohio. Number of witnesses: 8 Number of Objects: 10 to 12. Shape of Objects: Orange Balls of light At 10:00pm in the Eastern sky 10-12 orange balls of light in a formation of 2X2X2X2 one on top of the other with space in between. Did not appear to be one object but multiples. Reminded me briefly of trails left by fireworks but they stood still in the sky and just faded away 1 and 2 at a time. From the time we noticed them we observed them for roughly a minute or more. minute or more.

  34. I live in Black Mountain N.C . and we saw the lights right after our fireworks. There were four. They moved like aircraft. 3 hovered and the 4th looked like it was moving vertically. I have never seen anything like this ever.

  35. Saw about 20 to 30 lights July 3rd in Catasauqua Pa. My neighbor called me to come out and see the lights, I didn’t expect to see what I saw. It was a huge line of white lights that seem to float in a random pattern while keeping in line, it had to be at least 4 or 5 blocks long. I figured it was some type of balloon with a flare or led type light attached for the 4th but they flew right over the Lehigh Valley airport so they would need some type of clearance wich leads me to believe there would be some mention somewhere about the event but I have heard nothing and heard of no other sightings of this, anyone out there see this

  36. We also saw two large orange orbs after leaving the 4th of July fireworks in Mishawaka, Indiana. We were driving east towards the St Joseph/Elkhart County line when two large orange orb type objects appeared just to out southeast and appeared to be slowly moving north, but dissappeared. Then one appeared to the north of us, almost exact or just to the northwest of us. then moved out of our view as we were traveling facing the east.

  37. On February 9, 2012 just after midnight, my husband and I and our neighbors saw these same yellow/orange lights in the sky. They were in groups of three,they kind of floated following each other and making a triangle formation. Then they would disappear.(we weren’t sure if they disappeared or went behind a cloud.) Then 3 more would follow. There were probably 15-20 in all. They were silent. We could not hear any engine or noises. This lasted about 15 minutes. We do not believe they were Chinese lanterns. Nothing was mentioned on the local news. Very interesting. We live in a small town south of Pittsburgh Pa.There was a full moon that night.

  38. Myself and about 10 others saw the same pattern over NY in 1968/69. I was age 12 or 13. We were in Connecticut standing outside a Community Center Building. It was about a half hour after dark. We saw 11 or 12 lighted dots at about 40 degrees above the horizon. They were moving from the Long Island area South. The dots held formation except for 2 toward the rear that appeared to swap position. I have reported this event one other time ten years ago on an online UFO registry. Very interesting to see this formation posted here.
    The Community Center, mentioned above, had bands play on saturday night. This was a non-alcohol youth dance. The other witnesses were ages 11 to 14 at the time.

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