New Ohio Bigfoot Sighting Just Recycled WA Footage

A new-ish video that has gotten attention from Cryptomundo and the Huffington Post is nothing but a previously released Bigfoot video from Washington State.

The video was originally published on youtube by LeDouxTube (presumably Ryan LeDoux) on Apr 18, 2012.

The Ohio version, posted by HowTo101Channel has been taken down, with the message “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Ryan LeDoux” now in its place.

Honestly, the gate of the creature look too ‘human’.

I would be interested to see if the Bigfoot Lunch Club has used its pants detecting technology on this footage to look for… pants.

Either way, Ohio is in the middle of a Bigfoot frenzy, with local news stations all over bigfoot coverage in recent months.

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One thought on “New Ohio Bigfoot Sighting Just Recycled WA Footage

  1. I agree. Looks like the stride is very forced and isn’t smooth and effortless like a real Bigfoot would be. Looks like a man in a costume was there waiting to walk out.

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