Werewolf sightings in Hull – Old Stinker is Back

Something big and weird is lurking around the country side near Kingston upon Hull, England. The city of a 1/4 million residents, more commonly called Hull, has a rich history of mysterious beast sightings, calling the creature ‘Old Stinker’. A flap of reports in May of 2016 has gotten the local on edge and rumors of an organized hunt for the beast on the next full moon circulate thru town.

Descriptions of ‘Old Stinker’ match the recent werewolf like reports, a big creature, possible as tall as 8 feet, seen on both two feet and running on all fours, with both human and wolf characteristics. One report has the creature leaping over an tall fence with something in its mouth, another has it getting caught snacking on a large dog, possibly a shepherd. Several reports have occurred near the Barmston Drain, leading local to believe the creature may have taken up residence there.
Barmston Drain

Old Stinker is thought to roam an area called Wold Newton Triangle, an area known for weirdness, including UFO sightings, ghosts, zombies and more.
Wold Newton Triangle map

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