Werewolf sightings in Hull – Old Stinker is Back

Something big and weird is lurking around the country side near Kingston upon Hull, England. The city of a 1/4 million residents, more commonly called Hull, has a rich history of mysterious beast sightings, calling the creature ‘Old Stinker’. A flap of reports in May of 2016 has gotten the local on edge and rumors of an organized hunt for the beast on the next full moon circulate thru town.

Descriptions of ‘Old Stinker’ match the recent werewolf like reports, a big creature, possible as tall as 8 feet, seen on both two feet and running on all fours, with both human and wolf characteristics. One report has the creature leaping over an tall fence with something in its mouth, another has it getting caught snacking on a large dog, possibly a shepherd. Several reports have occurred near the Barmston Drain, leading local to believe the creature may have taken up residence there.
Barmston Drain

Old Stinker is thought to roam an area called Wold Newton Triangle, an area known for weirdness, including UFO sightings, ghosts, zombies and more.
Wold Newton Triangle map

Werewolf And UFO Reports From Cannock Chase

Add werewolves to the list of weirdness that inhabits the Cannock Chase

Some fresh weirdness from the UK’s ‘Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. Previously we have reported on Super Serpent sightings and a Daylight UFO Sighting Over Cannock Chase in September of 2009. Now, a werewolf sighting and a New Years UFO sighting.

A resident was out walking her dog when she came across a creature she could only describe as a werewolf.

“I was walking with my partner and his dog.

We put the dog back on the lead as we thought in the distance there was an enormous ‘dog.’ As we approached the animal we realized this wasn’t a dog and it just stared at us for a while – I said I thought it looked like a fox, but the size of a lioness – it then turned into the wooded area, and we proceeded to walk on.

As it turned its long, bushy black tipped tail, we realized it was definitely not a dog.

I have just logged onto the net and went onto images of wolves, and can honestly say whatever we saw yesterday was the closet thing to a wolf.”

And on New Years, another person claims they “saw four red dots in the sky” that “flew north and two of them disappeared. The last one went around six seconds later.”

A WhalesInSpace.com Commenter left this comment concerning a similar New Years sighting

i saw three orange lights just hanging in the sky over glasgow at about 12.30 am on new years day (just after the bells on hogmany)i know the area very well and they could not have been any light on the top of any structure as i went carried on to my uncles house to wish him a new year i noticed the third one move i thought it might be a helicopter and waited a few minutes but it made no sound (the whole area was quiet) and they appeared very high in the sky but cant say for sure of course i left my uncles house at 3:30 and looked for them but they had gone

Glasgow is over 275 miles north of Cannock Chase. The two sighting were with in minutes of each other.

The ‘Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, a mixture of natural deciduous woodland, coniferous plantations, open heathland, several war memorials, and the remains of old coal mines. The Cannock Chase has multiple visitor centers and many trails, some maintained, some natural, that wind their way through the 26 square mile landscape.

Cannock Chase is not limited to UFOs, werewolves and giant snakes, multiple bigfoot sightings have been reported in Cannock Chase, with rumours of underground tunnels near the German Cemetery where they live. Cannock Chase is also home of alien big cat reports and many ghost sightings.