Jesus Confirms Bigfoot's Hybrid Origin

Jesus Christ emailed us, confirming bigfoots hybrid status.

You may remember not long ago, Bigfoot Lunch Club asked “Is this Chimera theory going to gain momentum?” after a forum board poster claimed bigfoot was the product of Atlantians 800000 years ago crossing Grizzly Bears and humans and a article claimed bigfoot was an ape/human hybrid.

Well, I would say an email from Jesus counts as gaining momentum.

The Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot that was made in 1967 is real. The NASI
said that the creature had both human and gorilla features. Bigfoot is a
human-primate hybrid. Half man and half gorilla. A man made creature that
was created several thousand years ago by men who were slaves that took off
and ended up in Africa. They caught female gorillas and had sex with them.
For all the skeptics out there, they were real men that had real sex with
real female gorillas. And nobody was wearing a costume at the time.

From Jesus Christ –

I also find it interesting that Jesus has an AOL account. It makes sense in a weird sort of way.