White Thing Sighting From Early Seventies

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I am from Eastern Kentucky, Johnson county. I grew up in the early seventies hearing stories about the White Thing. It was supposed to be a large apelike creature that walked on two legs. It was said to scream like a woman and most encounters were said to be near the river. I knew an elderly couple (in their seventies at the time) who told me about their encounter. It was supposed to have happened in the 1950′s, one night the couple’s dogs were stirred up something awful and before the husband could go outside to investigate, they saw a huge white creature standing outside the window. And it started scratching on the window. By the time the husband got his gun, it was gone. The next morning they actually found scratch marks deep on the glass of the window. Now this couple was a God fearing couple, who believed lying or even making up tales was the devils work. So I am convinced they did not make the story up and believed that it actually happened.

White Thing

Kentucky Bigfoot Caught On Film

Kentucky Bigfoot
Kentucky Bigfoot

Kenny Mahoney of Jefferson County Kentucky captured the image of a large bigfoot like creature with an automatic camera that was set up to take pictures of animals along a game trail. He has sent the image to a wildlife expert in the hope of getting it identified, but at first glance the head of the creature is to small to be a bear.

The idea that it is a garbage bag or other object blowing in the wind is dismissed because the vegetation in the area the photo was taken has been disturbed.

Did Kenny Mahoney capture a photo of a bigfoot?

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