No Pants Detecting Technology Required

ParaBreakdown tears into the MK Davis video of bigfoot hopping a fence.

New East Texas Bigfoot Pictures. Video Coming Soon?

A Dallas area individual, who remains anonymous, has come forward with a new blurry and vague photo that he believes may be bigfoot, even though he didn’t previously believe in bigfoot., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

The man also claims to have had a close encounter (close as in 15 feet away) with a ‘family’ of sasquatch, the tallest being over 10 feet tall. The encounter came after a large rock was thrown at him.

“An object landed within ten feet of us that I know of no human being able to throw it that far. There was one about 10 foot tall. A family group drew in close, three of which got within 15 feet of me. It looked like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie, not human as I know it”

The man claims he has video evidence that he will be releasing soon.

Make Your Own Sasquatchploitation Flick

Create your own Sasquatchploitation Flick at You will need a webcam, a printer, and a few minutes to kill.
Print out the bigfoot print, aim the webcam at the image while your browser is at and get creative.
On completion, you have the option to download the movie or share it by email or your favorite social networking site.

Now we all can create sasquatchploitation movies. There are a wide variety of actions, emotions, and attacks you can have the bigfoot perform. I was thinking of reenacting my favorite scenes from The Legend Of Boggy Creek or Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot.

If anyone makes their own, send us a link and we will post it.

Link back to CrunchGear for bringing this to my attention.