2009 South American UFO Round Up

2009 has gotten off to quite the start for UFOs in South America.

December 6, 2008 Chile – Army sergeant Fernando Yáñez Muñoz took this photo of UFO next to the Llaima volcano which stands almost two miles high. Llaima is inside the Congûillio National Park in southern Chile. One of the largest and most active volcanoes in Chile, it erupted violently several weeks later on January 1, 2009.

January 2 2009 Argentina – Multiple witnesses from the town of Victoria and surrounding areas reporting white, blue, red orange and yellow lights in the sky including one that emerged from the body of water known as Laguna Del Pescado and then sped towards city of Victoria. Nothing new for Laguna Del Pescado, it is the center of several flaps over the last 30 years, including a series of suspicious cattle mutilations and reports of a crashed UFO in 1992 that was witnessed by local farmers and cleaned up by the military.

January 14 2009 Argentina – Argentinean farmer Nestor Rivoira and his wife Sara Fernandez of Arroyo Leyes describe the sound as being similar to that of a blow torch outside their home at 3 AM and later find two perfect circles one inside the other, the outer circle measuring over 10 feet in diameter and both circles 1/8 inch deep. The indented area was completely burnt out with only dry dirt remaining. It appeared that the marks were created by something radiating heat.

January 24 2009 Argentina – Low flying UFO near Buenos Aires are witnesses by multiple people at 8:41 PM on January 24 2009. The video below was shot by Christian Soldano.

February 2009 Peru – This video was shot in Santa Rosa de Quives region of the Canta province. The figure in the video is being called the ‘Quives Man’. The story has been covered by Peru’s ‘Capital Radio’ and ‘Panamerica’ TV station as well as ‘Channel Peru’. Needless to say, English language media have not picked up the story. No, not the guy in the white suit. Watch at about 12 – 15 seconds into it and in slow motion at 40 seconds in.

February 13 2009 Brazil – Genivaldo Rodrigues is buzzed by a silver disc while he stood outside his car near the city of Urubici in the State of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil. When he got back into the car his DVD player stopped working as did his GPS. After driving for a short time his car engine stopped on him twice for no apparent reason: he alleges this hadn’t ever occurred with this car before. He was able to re-set his GPS but his DVD player remains broken.

February 14 2009 Argentina – Witnessed report three fiery objects light up the sky near the town of Esquel in the mountainous Chubut province of Argentina.

Local astronomer, Robert Figueroa, confirmed the event and thinks that it might have been either meteors or satellites breaking up. Head of police, Ramon Gotero, confirmed that officers on duty had also seen the ‘fireballs’ streak across the sky. This would have been the day before the Texas Fire Ball captured on video.

Earlier that day, Horacio Bordon, who was driving between Esquel and Tecka claims he and his family saw four discs fly to the side of their vehicle. They were able to get one photo (above).

March 4 2009 Brazil – At 4:30pm Milton Novaes in Fortaleza in the Northeast of Brazil noticed a saucer shaped object in the sky and was able to take several pictures before it disappeared.

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3 thoughts on “2009 South American UFO Round Up

  1. In the first video -that thing is IN FRONT of the trees at the end? Far out.

    Not sure what I’m seeing in the second vid – it looks like a little stick-creature walking away from the blurred-out dude, heading off into the woods.

    I’m a little freaked out…

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