Fireball Over Iowa

Since the Sunday February 15th fireball that was caught on video over a Texas, there have been no shortage of additional fireball sightings from across the US and around the globe. Our collection can be seen under the Texas Fireball subcategory, but includes fireball and sonic booms from both coasts and Europe.

Now this interesting post on UFO Stalker’s website from May 6th over Iowa.

A friend and I were driving down to Iowa City, Iowa. We were heading south on Interstate 380 and up in the clouds in front of us we saw a big green ball of light. It was definitely moving, and very large. It had a tail on it, much like a comet. When I first saw it, my first thought was that it looked just like a comet, but then I remembered how close it was to Earth. It only lasted about 5 seconds, and then it was completely gone. It disappeared just as fast as it showed up. I definitely got the chills after I saw it, it was very very strange

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