Orange Lights Seen Over Southern UK Towns

Two days later and almost 250 miles away, residents of Weymouth UK are seeing strange orange orb lights in the sky much like the ones reported May 3rd over Peterborough.

The Dorset Echo collected witness reports. Sighting were on Saturday and Sunday night. One on Saturday reporting an “object traveling north-west to south-east over the Haylands Estate on Portland” around 9:20pm. Another sighting from Sunday reported “orange light in a clear bit of sky” that was “was travelling quite fast and disappeared towards Portland”.

Yet another witness claims to have seen the light at 10:30 on Sunday night, adding “I counted 12 lights in all, it was really peculiar. They were all moving right across the sky more slowly than a helicopter or anything like that. They seemed to be coming over the Ridgeway and floating over towards Weymouth, they weren’t in any particular formation.”

Of course, blame it on Chinese lanterns or meteors. Dorset police said “We found nothing related to UFOs, orange lights, unidentified objects or anything similar.” and Portland Coastguard went with the Chinese lanterns or meteors story.

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