Giant Fireball Seen Over Lake Michigan

Hundreds have reported seeing a giant green fireball as it crossed the skies over Lake Michigan at 1:30am on February 6th, 2017.

The fireball was reported to been seen from Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Men in Black Appear in Rural Iowa

Around 2am on June 13th, R.J. Strong of Port Louisa, Iowa saw “some weirdo walking down the paved road in a black trench coat” and he isn’t the only one to see them. Multiple reports have been made to the local Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office, prompting them to post the following on their FaceBook account.

We have had several reports of “men dressed in black” entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County. We don’t have any new information about these people, but we have also seen several posts on Facebook about the same type of activity. It would be extremely helpful to the Sheriff’s Office, if you witness this type of activity, that you call 911 immediately. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Local news station KWQC featured the story.

UFOs Over Iowa Thanksgiving Night

A series of UFO sightings over Western Iowa have been reported to the MUFON UFO database from Thanksgiving Night, Thursday November 26th 2009.

Case Number: 20743
From Shenandoah, Iowa

On Thanksgiving night a little after 6 p.m,I took the garbarge out and noticed how clear the sky was, a half-moon and a few stars. Going back to the house I looked straight up and noticed two stars, or what I thought were stars. But as I watched more closely it was obvious they were moving to the Southeast. I went in the house and told my wife to go see the lights while I grabbed the video camera. I would guess their altitude to be about 2000 to 5000 ft., although there was nothing to compare the lights with to judge a more correct distance. There was quite a lot of distance between both objects. The lead light was much brighter than the one following. Since it was dark we couldn’t tell if there was anything connecting them. The lights were a solid white & not blinking. The sighting lasted about two minutes. Since this sighting I’ve looked at other Mufon reports and found several reporting the same type thing, only a day earlier and traveling in different directions.

Case Number: 20756
From Fort Dodge Iowa

I was outsrightide having a cigarette and noticed a brighwwt object coming from the nw heading se i watched it as it moved slowy across the sky at about 1o to 15000 feet whenit got to the sw portion of the sky all of a sudden there was a bright circular light which was huge around the main light then a small object shot out of the bright light and shot upward and dissapered then the large object disapered in about two seconds

Case Number: 20759
From Sioux Falls, SD

Three of us, were out back facing south @ about 6pm. I looked up and saw a bright light heading in a SE direction. I pointed it out to my Uncle, and we noticed a second smaller one to the left and trailing the brighter one. Shotly after noticing the second one, we realized a third. It too, was to the left, but further. Position was in front of the second one. They all seem to be moving at a fast and constant speed. There were no red and green flashing light associated with them. Altituted, I’m not sure. The bright one was pretty bright. Brighter than any airplane I’ve seen around here. The other ones were dim. I went inside aftter they left our sight, to track were the space shuttle was, because I new it was landing soon. It was nowhere near Iowa at the time in question. I’m not one to report things like this, but this was a real head scratcher!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several nights before, two reports from East of there in Northern Illinois

Case Number: 20745
Event Date: 2009-11-24
From: Peoria Illinois

I was driving SW Washington Street in Peoria, IL. I saw it while I was slowly driving 800m from Mc Arthur Highway till I reach State Street. First, I found a plane looking thing flying above in front of me through my car window. I started thinking weird and looked at it again because it had different looking from the plane, had round two lights in front and back of its underneath. I kept on driving, slowed down and looked at it again and found out that it did not have wings and it was flat like a disc!! I could ot believe that I am looking at a UFO and I kept on driving and looking at it. It was flying slowly from my left to right. I thought it was gone but it stopped there and stayed above my front right sky for a while! I wanted to take a photo but I couldn’t beause I was driving. It seemed like totally free from gravity. I found some spot to park and then it moved quickly zigzag, and then flew to my left front sky, and it disappeared. After that, 3minutes later a helicopter came, made a loud noise even it was higher than that UFO. UFO did not make any sound at all. It was oval, tatolly flat. Black bottom with two yellow lights with some red line, one in front and one at back but I cannot tell which is front because it moved any ways.


Case Number: 20742
Event Date: 2009-11-25 21:35 GMT
From: City: Bradley, Illinois

This is not a joke. My girlfriend was driving us to the movies lastnight on november 25 2009. We were west bound on 4000 a few miles or so from route 50 in bradly,Il. We were on our way to see the fourth kind and thats why I said this aint a joke. Any way as we travled down 4000 directed west she pointed out to me in the north west sky what appeared to be fire. The blaze appeared to be out of control burning high into the sky for the distance we saw it from. A tree line momentarly obstructed our view but then we saw it again and as we drew closer the flames only appeared to be lights verticle lights with a strange redish orange glow inside them that also illuminated around them. At this point we were just talking how we no longer see a fire just this stack of lights and we only travled a few miles from our first view and it was directly north of us at this point. There were lights on the ground but I thought it was a small subdividion or something. I could night specifically describe any real structures to you because it was very dark and cloudy last night. Well at this point we were pulling into the movie theater lot. We just decided to see the movie still wondering what we just saw. When we left the movie we noticed there really isn’t any houses in that field or tall building with lights or anything at all. There is a wal-mart and other stores to the left but we were not looking in the that direction. I went by there again today in the light and the field is a gulf course and then farm no houses or barns for miles nothing that could have made flames that high if they were flames but by judging the color of that stack of lights that was verticle maybe in a distance could have appeared to be fire in the sky? Me and my girlfriend were in the car again today and agree there is nothing in that area that could explain what we saw. I asked her if she saw the movie fire in the sky because I did not see it yet! I said did anything appear as fire in that movie and she told me only at a distance because of the color of the lights on the ufo in that movie but you wouldn’t be able to convince me or her we didin’t see a sighting.

Fireball Over Iowa

Since the Sunday February 15th fireball that was caught on video over a Texas, there have been no shortage of additional fireball sightings from across the US and around the globe. Our collection can be seen under the Texas Fireball subcategory, but includes fireball and sonic booms from both coasts and Europe.

Now this interesting post on UFO Stalker’s website from May 6th over Iowa.

A friend and I were driving down to Iowa City, Iowa. We were heading south on Interstate 380 and up in the clouds in front of us we saw a big green ball of light. It was definitely moving, and very large. It had a tail on it, much like a comet. When I first saw it, my first thought was that it looked just like a comet, but then I remembered how close it was to Earth. It only lasted about 5 seconds, and then it was completely gone. It disappeared just as fast as it showed up. I definitely got the chills after I saw it, it was very very strange