Response To Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings Over Western Washington

In response to our recent Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings Over Western Washington posts, this UFO sighting was emailed in and deserves a separate post.

Lacey, WA is right next to Olympia, where the first black balloon cluster UFO was seen in February.

Anyone else with UFO sighting who wishes to send them in, email us at

I have seen activity on two occasions where I live in Lacey, WA around the same time frame (February 21st, 2009) although I did not record the dates and times. Both sightings were in darkness 8pm and later I believe one was around 10pm.

The first I saw looked like stars or very distant yet bright planes flying at a high rate of speed. I saw between 10 and 20 I think the first time.

About 4 to 6 weeks later I had a similar sighting except this time I saw groups of about 20 or more traveling past my area for over an hour!

I recognized these as alien craft as I have seen a similar sighting in Beaverton Oregon aprroxamately 14 or 15 months ago in Beaverton, Oregon which was the the first time I witnessed such an experience.

In that instance it was a very cloudy night and on my break I walked across the street, it was midnight, and in that area there was a circular break in the clouds. I saw what I thought was a distant plane and I thought that it was moving incredibly fast for being so distant, yet it was bright like a star.

Soon after I saw another and another coming from the same direction, about ten of them, thats when I realized that these were probably alien craft. At that instant one that I was looking at stopped completely and seemed to acknowledge my presense before continuing on its course again. And to confirm the sighting just after the UFO’s flew into clouds an actual plane came in from the opposite direction at a much slower speed, and much lower altitude.

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4 thoughts on “Response To Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings Over Western Washington

  1. I am the person that submitted the story of seeing a black “hole” – spot, ‘balloon’ looking thing over Sumner Washignton two yrs ago. I just wanted to add that it was floating low, lower than any kind of aircraft, completely silent, and it was a daylight sighting. About 4:30pm, the sky was blue and very little high clouds. This thing was one of the weirdest things I’ve seen yet and it seemed to disappear and reappear too. Haven’t seen another one since or before this sighting.

    1. I have had a daytime encounter with the same object, floating low to the ground and silently, i had two other people with me who witnessed the same event. We stared at it for awhile before the object slowly moved away then vanished.This sighting occurred in Skyway, Washington.

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