Sasquatchploitation Triple Feature

Love old school sasquatchploitation?
Have 250 minutes to kill?
You should probably settle down with your copy of Sasquatch Horror Collection and soak in these three classic bigfoot movies.

Sasquatch Horror Collection features “Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot”, “Snowbeast” and “Snow Creature”.

“Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot”, released in 1977, is considered one of the early classic sasquatchploitation flicks and is down right spooky. Called the ‘Citizen Kane of Cinema Du Sasquatch’, it almost has a ‘western’ feel with a solid slightly off center country soundtrack.

“Snowbeast” was originally made for TV, also in 1977. Skiers beware, bigfoot will get you.

Sheriff Paraday: I understand she was a guest at your ski lodge. I was hoping you could help me identify her.
Tony Rill: I must have seen her somewhere. Maybe I will recognize her when I see her face.
Sheriff Paraday: She does not have one.


And then there is ‘The Snow Creature’. YAWN…

Only $9.98 from Amazon for 250 minutes of 1970’s sasquatchploitation is hard to beat.

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