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Home UFOs July 4th 2009 4th of July UFOs Over Bethlehem Pennsylvania

4th of July UFOs Over Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Published on July 4, 2009 by in July 4th 2009, ORBL, UFOs


Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sighting posted in the comments of

30 or so lights seen over Bethlehem Pennsylvania .

Bethlehem is a city in Lehigh and Northampton Counties in the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania

Anyone else see these?

July 4th 2009, did anyone see the orange lights in bethlehem pa ?? About 30 lights flying At first they appeared to be fireworks but they continued to fly past and they went into formation they were flying very slow and the formation pattern they took looked like the constellation pegasus Alot of neighbors were out and witnessed them can’t seen to figure out what they were

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32 Responses

  1. eric c

    yes seen them to

  2. Ya

    my mom saw the orange orbs form the constallation. She was walking my dog when she burst through the door and yelled for me to hurry outside. I only saw a group of them leave. I wish I would of saw more… Im amazed.

  3. Carmaleta

    My children and i saw one bright orange form slowly floating accross the skies of Richboro. I could not identify what it was.

  4. […] 30 or so orange lights seen over Bethlehem Pennsylvania, described as flying in a formation like the constellation Pegasus. […]

  5. Kim

    I saw 5 moving in a line after watching fireworks around 11:00 pm central time in Missouri. Is there any explaination because I am the biggest skeptic but this is unexplainable! No sound and they seemed to be low.

  6. admin

    No explanation yet.
    Lots more sightings.

    Previous UK reports like these have been credited to Chinese Lanterns, but the fact that these are so spread out rules out lanterns floating around.

  7. Michelle

    We also saw something very similar a bit after 12:00 am July 4th, in Lexington Ohio which is in north central Ohio. We saw a formation (but only about 7 lights) until they faded out, then also one larger ball of light that traveled across the sky, then stopped. It stayed stationary as it got smaller and winked out.
    I’m glad we are not the only ones!

  8. matt

    I saw one bright orange light in burlington county south new jersey. I actually pulled over to try to cell phone video it (no results) very very bright, made a quick 90 degree turn then left extremely fast. Unlike any plane I have ever seen. The orange light was incredibly bright but no blinking, almost seemed a little blurry.

  9. Kim

    Yes!!! My whole family was out in the yard in Bethlehem, PA watching the fireworks and saw these too. First we saw one then about 10 minutes later another following the same direction and this kept happening for about an hour or so. At some points there were more than one at a time. So glad we weren’t the only ones. I’ve told other family and friends about it and I think they thought I was losing it!

  10. Glenn

    I have read reports of these from coast to coast, all yesterday. I saw one myself last night. The obvious answer is a new type of firework other than a Chinese Lantern.

  11. Hillary

    My boyfriend and I saw these lights too!! We saw the first red one at 7:30PM here in Bothell, Washington.

    At 12:30AM we were sitting on the back deck after all the fireworks had stopped, and we saw another red light coming over the horizon. It was a big red dot, although I could see a yellowish glowing center to it. The red seemed like an aura, or like it was foggy..almost pixelated. As my boyfriend ran upstairs to get his cell phone to take a pic, a second orange dot came from the same place on the horizon and followed the same path of the red.

    We only got a picture of it as it was farther off in the distance, but the lights were flying very slowly, very calmly and I did not see any change in direction. I watched the lights travel from the horizon, across the top of our house, and into the distance until they faded out. There is no way this was a lantern, and it was moving much too quickly to not have had an engine.

  12. Dave

    My first instinct is these were fireworks, but they were moving much faster than the wind (at least at ground level or at the level of the city fireworks).
    They were moving pretty fast and seemed to stay in “formation”. I remember that there was a trail of smoke from the city fireworks earlier drifting off to the east fairly slowly. These were moving from North to South. It is possible that the winds at that level were moving much faster in a different direction. They also didn’t come from the direction of the city fireworks. If these were citizen fireworks I want some!

  13. trisha

    yes, i saw those too, we were watching the fireworks in bethlehem in pa and then when they were over i looked over behind the bethlehem steel factory there were these lights about like 20 or so in formation slowly moving up diagonally, it couldnt have been anything else, and then they reappeared behind the otherside of the building and slowly vanished, it was weird im glad im not the only one who saw this

  14. trisha

    but after looking up chinese laterns this could explain what I saw also

  15. yes ..i saw one in Tamaqua, PA ..but researched it and found out i only saw 1 or 3 in a triangle form seen in another state … i have a few videos too

  16. yes ..i saw one in Tamaqua, PA ..but researched it and found out i only saw 1 or 3 in a triangle form seen in another state … i have a few videos too

  17. […] was the first website to post sightings of Orange Ball of Lights (ORBL) from that night, starting over Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Since then, dozens of sightings, from all over the United States and all over the world have come […]

  18. harry

    Yes, July 4th 2009 — Yes, I saw them and they are called FIREWORKS displays —

  19. […] Below are two videos sent in by a UFO witness from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, about 45 miles North West of Bethlehem Pennsylvania where the first sightings came from. […]

  20. william

    My son has a video of the July 4th orbs. He is a paramedic in Bethlehem PA.

  21. ed snowdent

    maybe they where checking out the casino’s
    and don’t like the way things are going around here,,
    unless they are evil, then they would encourage it..
    bottom line they are REAL ..

  22. […] Crop circle researcher Andrew Russell has spoke to the press on behalf of the officer says the encounter took place on July 6th of 2009, only two days after the largest unreported UFO flap in recent history, the July 4th 2009 Mass UFO Sighting that was first documented on […]

  23. john

    july 4th 2010 we observed 7 orange balls of light appear in the sky one after the other from lowell massachusetts appearing from the west and traveling southeast as one ball appeared and disappeared another ball appeared and disappeared in succession i have studied ufo phenomenon for 30 years these were not fireworks or aircraft after 30 years i know the difference seen similar occurance at salisbury beach massachusetts in 2006 orange balls of light dove out of the sky into the fireworks display then rose back up into the sky and disappeared i believe it is their intention to give those of us that know better a sign that they are there

  24. john

    the 2010 appearance was at 11 pm the beach appearance was around 10 pm

  25. stephanie

    july 4th 2010 my fiance and i were outside in our backyard
    doing the usual thing people do on the fourth when he saw the orange ball going across the sky it had a directional pattern it was flying in not just a speractic pattern i grabbed my binoculars i caught a glimpse of it with them it seemed to look almost like it was burning and it had another smaller light behind it ive never seen anything like it in my life it was around 1030 pm louisville kentucky

  26. phil anderson

    same thing was seen over nashville tn 2010 red orbs droped into the stratosphere headed north hovered over old hickory lake cops on the lake shot their spotlights at it and moved away red orbs went in a northwesternly directions cops reported this but probably not readily available to public also these orbs were huge and lasted 15 to 20 minutes coming in succession also these objects were at 7000 ft traveling at jet speed until shooting up into space at high rate of speed this is a recent report not readily available on utube uploads are in the making also these objects became stationary over old hickory dam in nashville for aproximatly 5 minutes pulsating blood red with lines of flux throughout its like they wanted you to see them also ive researched firework tech and nothing comes close except flares from military aircraft but this becomes non acceptable after coarse change slowing down stopping then shooting off at relative mach7 north and up into space please relay any video of this event to my email

  27. Marie

    I am from N.E. Pennsylvania. At approx. 9:30 P.M. enroute to see a fireworks display, we noticed an orange/reddish light in the sky. It seemed to shoot up over the trees and then take on a straight course in the sky. I at first thought that it was a plane’s engines that were on fire b/c I had never seen that color before. Being that I live close to an airport, it is not unusual for me to see planes in the sky. This one was definitely different. I really expected to hear on the news that a plane’s engines malfunctioned and were on fire. One of the children that were with us asked me what I thought it was. I jokingly said that if I were to say it was anything, I would say it was an “Unidentified Flying Object”. We laughed about it until my brother called me and told me that people across the U.S. and Canada saw the same thing that we did on the 4th of July. Very weird, but intriguing. I saw some other posts on other websites saying they were “sky lanterns”. Not sure, what they are or why there would be some many of them in the sky nationwide on one particular night. ?????

  28. […] Since July 3rd of this year, we have had so many reports of unidentified orange balls of light (we like to call them ORBLs) that we’ve lost track. Actually, dating back to July 4rd 2009 over Bethlehem Pennsylvania. […]

  29. peter

    LOWELL MASS on the night of july 4th 2010 around 11 pm,my roommate and l saw 9 orange balls flying from west to east in some kind of formation and one seemed to be accelerating from the back and quickly taking the lead and disappearing in the sky, the rest followed it we also saw some of our neighbors looking at it and they all agreed that they have never seen anything like it before. they were silent, unique, slowly moving and considerably big

  30. Christine

    We saw them last night too.. around 8 pm. They moved slowly up to into the sky and then disappeared. Weirdest thing I have ever seen.

  31. Rebecca Grubbs


  32. Karen

    My Fiance and I just saw something similar to what these people described. An orange ball of light traveled slowly toward us high in the sky. It then stopped, the light faded but I could still see it move in a 90 degree direction. We have never seen anything like this! It definitely was not a plane or helicopter! And it surprises me because it’s now 2011!

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