UFO Spotted Over Pittsburgh

Around 8pm on Thursday, August 4th, 2016, multiple residents of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania reported a mysterious silver shiny object in the skies above the West side of the city.

“Around 8 p.m., we were looking up into the northern sky and saw what looked like just to be a bright, silver object in the sky, and then after we got a telescope on it, it looked like it was a clear balloon that was catching the light as it moved from west to east”

Multiple Reports Of Orange Balls Of Light UFOs Over Bethlehem PA – Sept 5th 2010

Two reports so far of Orange Balls Of Light UFOs Over Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on September 5th 2010.

On September 5, 2010 around 09:45pm I was driving on broad st. in bethlehem, pa and noticed about 15-20 bright orange lights flying in the sky from north to south . They were flying in a strange formation in the back , six orange lights made a half a rectangle in the back , while about 14 of them flew in a strange pattern ahead of them . They were in the sky traviling very slow but silent. after 4min they slowley one by one diminished. Never seen anything in the sky like that . Anyone else see the same thing?


My husband and I saw about 20 orange lights in Bethlehem tonight as my husband and I were driving home. We were driving south on 378 over the Hill to Hill Bridge and saw a cluster of lights over the Lehigh River. Balloons? Chinese Lanterns? We don’t know. They were too high to tell, but weren’t as high as the stars. They didn’t move, so they weren’t planes. I don’t know what was going on in town. Maybe some sort of festival/fair/carnival that would’ve done this? It was really weird.

Bethlehem PA is the Whales In Space birthplace of the ORBL weirdness that has become almost common place since first reports that were sent in on July 4th 2009.

Bethlehem’s association with UFO activity goes back further. With a wave reported in 2008 that included a sighting of an “orange fire ball that seemed to be crashing out of the sky” and more traditional saucer and boomerang shaped crafts.

Bigfoot Sightings In Fayette County, PA

From www.heraldstandard.com ‘New rash of Bigfoot sightings reported across Fayette County’

Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, reports that he has received a bump in bigfoot sightings in recent months.

A report of a creature “walking at a fast pace on two feet, (that) stood about 6 feet 3 inches tall and had a cone-shaped head” came from Heath Landman of Dunbar. The sighting happened while driving on Ferguson Road in Dunbar at 9:15 p.m. on Saturday, January 31st, 2010.

Dunbar is a small town of just over 1000 people in South Western Pennsylvania.

Of 8 recent calls Altman has gotten concerning bigfoot sightings, four were clustered around Dunbar, including the one below:

One unusual sighting at the end of July involved a woman who claims to have spotted two creatures just outside Dunbar – one a smaller one eating on some blackberries and a much larger one estimated to be about 10 feet tall.

“We encourage anyone who’s experienced a Bigfoot sighting or who has information on the subject to phone us at 724-516-6344 or file a sighting report on our Web site www.pabigfootsociety.com,” adds Altman. “We keep the names and personal information of witnesses confidential and promise to take their reports seriously.”

More July 4th 2009 Reports Of UFOs

Over two weeks later and reports of UFOs from July 4th 2009 continue to be posted.

I still haven’t heard of any main stream media even touching the subject.
Robert Marsh of www.examiner.com posted July 4th UFO comments chime in from 14 states. He noticed the rash of sightings on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and got many comment reporting on UFOs on July 4th. It would have been nice for him to link to WhalesInSpace.com, its hard not to find the site right now if you are doing a Google search of July 4th 2009 UFOs.

This comment was posted today and caught my attention.

I live in Kansas City, MO. On july 4th 2009 my girlfriend and I both saw an orange ball of light in midtown KC.
We were driving when we first saw it and pulled over to get a better look. This was no firework and this was no chinese lantern. There was a low cloud deck that night. The ball was lower than the clouds which allowed us to get a good look.
The object was actually a black sphere with orange fire rolling around it. It started in the western skies at maybe thirty degrees. It slowly moved until it was directly in front of us (south) and then it ascended into the clouds.
This incident has changed my perspective entirely. I am the president of the engineering department at a local university. I dont believe in spacemen or leprechans or jesus or any of that which has no proof.
But I saw something on july 4th 2009.

And another from Lynnwood, Washington, sent in by email

It was after the fireworks had stopped for the night at our house in Lynnwood, Wa. My boyfriend and I were outside on the back deck when we saw a bright red light coming up on the horizon (NE). It was moving as fast as a satellite/airplane would accross the sky. The light was very easy to see and bright, but there was no definite outline to it. It was a circular shape, but the light almost looked like a laser would with blurred edges. The center of the red light was bright yellow/orange and looked exactly like a star except was a bit larger and closer, definately in the atmosphere. As it slowly moved accross the sky and over our house, my boyfriend was running to get his cell phone so we could take a picture when we saw a second, orange, light coming from the same place the first did. The light flew from the NE direction SE, and they both followed the same path and faded away into the night.

These were moving too quickly to be anything but a powered object, and were moving in a definate direction at a constant speed.

Below are two videos sent in by a UFO witness from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, about 45 miles North West of Bethlehem Pennsylvania where the first sightings came from.

I haven’t even heard any one really give a good go at the Orange Balls of Light Chinese Lantern Theory (ORBLCLT)?
I guess if it was picked up by the media, someone could say they saw their neighbor releasing Chinese Lanterns, but not a peep.

I’m sticking behind my giant flying bioluminescent dinosaurs theory for now.

Orange UFOs Over Pennsylvania – July 4th 2009 Update

At 8:22 PM PDT or 11:22 PM in Pennsylvania, an Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sighting was posted in the comments of an existing WhalesInSpace.com post.

30 or so orange lights seen over Bethlehem Pennsylvania, described as flying in a formation like the constellation Pegasus.

The comment was moved to its own post and received multiple comments of others who had seen the UFOs.

A quick check of the UFOStalker.com site brings up Event ID 17791, a sighting of 15-20 lights, again reported as flying in a formation. The report sites Bethlehem Pennsylvania as the location of the sighting and includes an image of the formation that the lights were flying in.

We were driving home after our local fireworks display. I looked to the northeast of our vehicle and saw what looked like light rising into the air. After a little while it became obvious that they weren’t rising, but moving. There were about 15-20 lights in the sky flying in a loose formation from north to south. There was a main group and a smaller group further behind of about 5 lights. Many people were pulling over to view the lights. One woman in the car next to us asked us what they were. I kept thinking that they were most likely aircraft. But they were flying low in a very loose formation with bright lights on, which seemed odd to me. It is certainly something I’ve never seen before. We lost sight of the lights when they continued south and were too far away to continue viewing.

Additional reports of orange lights were sighted over Almyra PA (Event ID 17792), Ellwood City PA (Event ID 17793), Hanover Township PA (Event ID 17795), and Lafayette Indiana (Event ID 17794).

The orange lights didn’t stop there. More sightings from Seaside California, Spring Valley California, Barstow California, and Federal Way Washington.

Will July 4th 2009 be remembered as the night the Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings that have been filling British skies in recent months finally arrived in the United States?

4th of July UFOs Over Bethlehem Pennsylvania


Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sighting posted in the comments of WhalesInSpace.com

30 or so lights seen over Bethlehem Pennsylvania .

Bethlehem is a city in Lehigh and Northampton Counties in the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania

Anyone else see these?

July 4th 2009, did anyone see the orange lights in bethlehem pa ?? About 30 lights flying At first they appeared to be fireworks but they continued to fly past and they went into formation they were flying very slow and the formation pattern they took looked like the constellation pegasus Alot of neighbors were out and witnessed them can’t seen to figure out what they were