Centre for Fortean Zoology Hunts Orang-Pendek

The Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), the worlds largest Cryptozoology organization, have sent a four man expedition consists of team leader Adam Davis, Dr Chris Clark, Dave Archer, and Richard Freeman, Zoological Director of the CFZ, to Indonesia to look for orang-pendek. Orang-pendek is a sasquatch like biped said to inhabit the jungles of Sumatra.

Reports from the the Kubu, the local tribe, and westerners, including Englishwoman Debbie Martyr, now head of the Indonesian tiger conservation group, and wildlife photographer Jeremy Holden, report a powerfully built, up right walking bigfoot creature.

The jungles of Sumatra were the location of the findings of Homo floresiensis, the Hobbit, fossils in 2003 and are said to also contain other unknown creatures including giant horned snakes said to be more than 30 feet long, and a unknown species of cat with a stubby tail and large canine fangs.

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