New Videos From North Port Devil

Mike Rowley from the has posted some new videos on his YouTube Channel.

Rowley describes them as ‘Quetzalcoatl, a cloaking ufo with a flying dragon, coiled serpent’ and ‘humanoid alien’ or ‘reptilian’.

He also has posted fresh vid of the cast he made from the foot print that was left on his property last year.

And Humanoid reptilian alien sighting North Port FL

Last summer, we started posting a lot of information on Rowely’s North Port Devil and even tried to get someone to go spend a full moon with Rowley on his property. I never got any video, pictures or even much information from the people who went to wait for the North Port Devil that summer weekend.

With the recent posts, it seems the North Port Devil phenomenon was not limited to 2009, but will continue into 2010. Lets hope for more spooky videos, plaster casts, disgruntled MUFON investigators and what even else the North Port Devil has up its sleeve.

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