Fake Bigfoot Requires Permit

Ever wonder about someone’s First Amendment rights as they concern dressing up like bigfoot and running around a state park?

I hadn’t.

Jonathan C. Doyle of NYCreator, artist, videographer, and fake bigfoot, has filed a complaint with the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union Foundation, alleging that his free speech rights were ‘stepped on’ when he was stopped by a park ranger after dressing up like Bigfoot and then shooting video of interviews with hikers that he encountered. New Hampshire law states that a special-use permit is required at state parks when people hold “organized or special events which go beyond routine recreational activities.” Doyle and NYCreator were in the Monadnock State Park outside of Jaffrey New Hampshire when the problem arose.

Dressing up like bigfoot is beyond routine recreational activities to me.

Read the full article by Jessica Arriens on www.keenesentinel.com
Summit stunt: ‘Bigfoot’ cries free-speech foul

According to www.nycreator.com “To date, the Park/State has not responded to the NHCLU complaint.”

Below are two of NYCreator’s videos.

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