National Parks Service Require Permit To Search For Sasquatch

Matt Pruitt was leading an expedition for The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization near the Steel Creek campground outside Ponca, Arkansas on Feb. 24th, 2012, when he encountered two National Parks Service rangers who fined him $525 for “engaging in a business without a permit or written agreement”.

Pruitt has since paid the fine, most likely out of the money paid by those on the expedition, an estimated $300 to $500 per person. There were between 17 and 31 paying participants on this outing.

According to the Buffalo National River website, special use permits must be obtained for groups of 26 people or more. Those permits normally cost $150.

Bigfoot Sighting In Grayson County VA

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Highlands of Southwest Virginia is Grayson County, Virginia. Grayson County, VA is the perfect place to enjoy the stunning beauty and profound quiet moments that nature can provide…

And maybe a good place to find Bigfoot.

Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan said their office received a call about 9:30 PM from a local man who said his wife, another woman and a young boy were traveling north on Route 89 when they saw a huge creature that was about 7 feet tall, hairy all over and black.

The caller reported that while traveling between the Blue Ridge Parkway bridge and Edmonds Road they spotted the creature that came up to the edge of the highway and when he saw car lights disappeared into some pine trees nearby.

Grayson County is home to the highest mountains in Virginia, Mt. Rogers at 5,729′ and Whitetop Mountain at 5,520′, This upper New River Valley region is a naturalists’ paradise.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has no previous sightings in their database from Grayson County.

The White Thing – Obion, Tennessee

An interesting story from the Glass Community Tennessee, near the town of Obion from

Report #25432 was submitted on February 06, 2009, but dates back to the late 1970s.

Well this is going to sound strange but, here it goes. I grew up in a small community were something else lived. I have talked to people from that area from three generations that have seen this thing. If you have never seen it most of the people that have won’t tell you much, they do not want anybody to think they are crazy!! I even knew one man who, is dead now that had a relationship (fed it and it was not afraid of him)it. Any way I seen it 3 times during my childhood 1 time from about 200 yards with 2 other people. The other 2 times I was alone. One of those times I was maybe 40 yards away coming home and it was in my back yard by a fence. But the last time was very intence, I was walking home from town (about 3 miles away)and it was pretty dark so I was looking down most of the time. I was about a quarter of a mile from home and I turned onto the street that led to my house. I walked about 30 feet and there it was. It was about 10 feet in front of me. It was down on it’s hands and feet doing something! It saw me at the same time I saw it, it stood up and we looked at each other for a few seconds (it seemed like forever) then it ran one way and I ran the other way. Now we always called it the White Thing. It looked like what most people think a big foot looks like except it is an off white color, it is about 8-9 feet tall. My father always said all of us kids were “seeing things” untill he found tracks while hunting. I know 30-40 people who have seen this thing.

The White Thing
The White Thing

BFRO sent an investigator, Ronie Powell to check out the report. He found the witness “very credible and down to earth, with an excellent recollection of the events”.

The creature appears to be a classic bigfoot like biped, over 8 feet with long arms. What sets this creature apart is the white dirty dingy color, instead of the classic sasquatch brown.

Part of the story includes a tale of a sighting by up to 20 children at one time and report that one of the locals had ‘befriended’ the creature to the point that they were feeding it. The witness claims to know 30 to 40 people who have had encounters with the creature.

Reports of the Glass Community White Thing go back at least three generations.

Sandy Mountain Festival – Sasquatchploitation

About 30 miles east of Portland the residents of Sandy, Oregon, prepare for their annual Sandy Mountain Festival, July 11th and 12th, and some undeniable and blatant sasquatchploitation is in full swing. Sandy is a town in Clackamas County of approximately 8000 people on the Sandy River in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and Mount Hood. A quick search reported bigfoot sightings in Clackamas County of BFRO’s database turns up a collection of Class A and Class B sightings.

Their local newspaper, the Sandy Post ran several strange articles concerning the Sasquatch Sightings contest, where $100 can be won if your entry form is randomly drawn by this Festival Queen.

Below are two of the articles.
Hunt is on for Sasquatch Jr. – June 9, 2009

Hunt intensifies for Sasquatch Jr. – June 23, 2009

And who found Sasquatch Jr. and collected the $100 prize?
Eight-teen year old Sandy High School graduate Zachary Funk.

If you are planning on attending the Sandy Mountain Festival, you had best make your reservations to stay at the Bigfoot Lodge and Trailer Park now.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization In Utah

Florida-based Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) will be working with the Utah Sasquatch Group to search a remote section of the Ashley National Forest, near the Utah-Wyoming border this weekend, looking for Bigfoot evidence.

BFRO returns to Utah for the first time since a 2007 expedition. Approximately 25 participants will spend the weekend setting up and monitoring audio and video equipment and hiking through the area looking for any sign of bigfoot. Reports as recent as two weeks ago of a strange hairy “reddish figure” and past discoveries of unexplained large foot prints in the area must have Utah Squatching Group member John R. Salmond excited to have the resources of the BFRO in Utah this weekend.

Utah is bit of a bigfoot hotspot, with multiple bigfoot groups. Utah Bigfoot claims there have been over 160 bigfoot sightings reported in Utah, most located around the Uintah mountains. Other hotspots include Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Timpanogas, Logan, Ogden, High Uintah’s, and West Desert.