Black Balloon UFO Described As 'Black Hole'

Left as a comment on More Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings Over Olympia, WA, a report of another black balloon UFO over Western Washington State, this one from two years ago over Sumner Washington. Sumner is just over 30 miles from Olympia, WA where the previous sightings were reported and in close proximity of the Fort Lewis Army Base and McCord Air Force Base, causing speculation that these black balloon cluster UFOs are somehow related to the military.

My friend of 30+ yrs and I were taking my dog for a walk in Sumner, Washington about 2 yrs. ago coming back from a field near a mansion where I have photographed unusual crafts above it and ‘ghosts’ inside of it. My friend brought it to my attention by saying, “What’s that?” and she took off walking fast. I didn’t know what she was talking about but since she hurried, I hurried behind her. Since she was looking upwards, I did too and suddenly I seen what looked like a black balloon however it was not a balloon. It stayed on a level trajectory but wobbled a bit. We lost site of it a block away and ended up at Siebenthaler park where it should have been. We kept scanning the skies and I told her that I thought it was there but we just couldn’t see it. Within a few seconds sure enough it appeared directly in front of us above a house. It looked like a black hole like in cartoons where they’d have a black circle and lay it on the ground and it would be a hole…that was the first and only time I’ve seen a ‘ufo’ look like that and I’ve seen many a ufo in my years – I’m 48.

Report Of Black Balloon Cluster UFO Over Olympia, WA

Some time before 7:20 pm on Saturday February 21st, 2009, something first described as “four bunches of balloons” , black in color, was seen flying over Olympia, Washington, to the northeast.

The next day, I received a more detailed report.

Okay, so yesterday I was sitting in my room burning a cd when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I saw it through the french doors in our room. I opened them up and went outside. The best I can describe it (them) is that it was four things that looked kind of like balloon clusters. That’s the only thing I can think of, except really they didn’t look that much like balloons. So, four “things” that were floating across the sky – blackish-looking. They would come apart, but not very far apart – not all the way – and then come back together again. That’s why I say they were like balloon clusters. They all floated in the same direction and stayed pretty much the same distance apart the whole time I watched them. I didn’t hear any noise coming from them. They were pretty high up from what I could tell.

Black Balloon cluster UFOs have been reported before.

A sighting from Thursday, May 27th, 2004 described “a huge cluster of what appeared to be black balloons” adding “And then I noticed this cluster was animated. These individual black spheres comprising the cluster were moving like a cartoon. They were leapfrogging, swirling around each other, separating and coming back together, and possibly moving over the area at around 50mph.”

And another from a retired USAF Intel serviceman from 1996 with a very similar description.

Also, check out this video on YouTube, specifically the first clip from over Stirling City, UK .