Churchill and Eisenhower Agreed To UFO Cover Up

Churchill Wanted UFO Cover Up To Avoid 'Mass Panic'

An unnamed British scientist, who’s grandfather was one of Sir Winston Churchill’s bodyguards, has requested more information concerning the claims that Churchill asked for a cover up of UFO activity in fear that “mass panic” would result from the information becoming public, as recounted in declassified Ministry of Defence UFO files made available online by the National Archives.

The document describes how his grandfather, who served with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the war, was present when Churchill and U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower discussed how to deal with a UFO encounter that took place near the English coastline at the end of World War Two.

This story was covered on both sides of the pond, by both FoxNews and MailOnline, as well as many other news sources.

On several occasions, the British The National Archives have released large numbers of previously classified documents detailing UFO activity by the British Government and Military.

UFOs Zapping British Sheep

British livestock mutilation investigator Phil Hoyle from Shrewsbury, is convinced extraterrestrials are behind recent sheep mutilations and claims he witnessed two UFOs using some sort of light to zap sheep.

UFO hunter: Aliens killing sheep

“For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle,” he said of the purported incident at a Welsh farm near Radnor Forest.

“The technology involved in these attacks is frightening. These lights and spheres are clearly not ours. They are built by technology and intelligence that’s not from here,” Hoyle said.

Hoyle is part of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, a non-profit established in 2001 that is committed to carrying out serious research into the animal mutilation mystery.