UFOs Over Olympia, Washington December 31st, 2013

Whales In Space kicks off 2014 right with a UFO report over our hometown. The report could be Chinese Lanterns from the behavior and the fact it was New Years Eve, but it is not our job to figure this out, just get the info out there.

The report was originally left as a comment on a February 8th, 2012 sighting post over Olympia in Western Washington.

Did anyone see the 2 orange lights in the clouds at around 9:30pm on December 31st, 2013, last night, over Olympia? One of them came from the north and then another from the northwest,both were traveling south then the first one kind of did a spinning twist gaining altitude then fading out. The second one continued south then faded away. It almost looked like 2 fog lights in the clouds, but they were moving way to slow to be an air plane, and there was no noise, so they could not have been 2 helicopters. Also the way the first one spiraled up was something a copter could not do. These lights were viewed near the I-5 bridge which is Capitol way where Olympia and Tumwater meet.

Even More Orange Balls Of Light

What the hell is going on?

Since July 3rd of this year, we have had so many reports of unidentified orange balls of light (we like to call them ORBLs) that we’ve lost track.
Actually, dating back to July 4rd 2009 over Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Many have been left in the comments

Just saw the exact same thing about an hour ago here in Sioux Falls, SD. Witnessed about 12 light, no more than 3 at a time. They rose brightly from my E-NE, moved in a westerly direction and then diminished as if they were moving away from me towards the north. This went on for 20 minutes after i first noticed them.
August 6th, 2010 at 1:00 am edit

Others come in on the Whales In Space contact form

Last night 01/08/10 my husband and i aw 3 bright orange lights over Langdon
Hills in Basildon.They all came individually from north west in staight
line to north one at a time faded then dissapeared at exactly the same
spot. was cloudy no sound. about 9.30pm

From Beatrice Nebraska, Prairielle, Louisiana, and Warrens, Wisconsin.

We’ve discussed the possible explanation of Chinese Lanterns, and while some of these objects may have been airborne lanterns, there is no way that all these objects, from around the US and England, are all Chinese lanterns. It has also been suggested that the ORBL were nothing more than the international space station and other satellites, but some of the formations and behaviors of the objects seen don’t match the set flight paths of passing satellites (it was nice of NASA to offer that explanation).

And what do I think they are? I don’t know. I’m still pushing the giant flying bioluminescent dinosaurs theory, but even that doesn’t match all the descriptions.