North Port Devil And The Full Moon – Part One

Since I started posted on this story in mid August, I have been reading that Mike Rowley was sure there was a connection between the full moon and his North Port Devil.

I made contact with someone in the North Port area who I arranged to meet with Rowley and then go to the property at night over the weekend of September 4th, the next full moon.

In the process, I found myself drawn into the North Port Devil Story. I found the ‘its a hoax’ hoax an interesting twist. I contacted the paranormal investigator, Eric Patterson, that NBC2 used to discredit Rowley. I got back cryptic emails, concerning what Patterson could share and not share. He mentioned law suits and 3rd parties. He ended email with statements like “I have told you all i can tell you for now.”

Rowley forwarded to me a serious of emails between him and Eric Patterson, also know as Joey Nova. The email cleared up some confusion about the second NBC2 piece and seemed to settle the tensions between Patterson and Rowley.

Basically, Patterson explained to me that he could find no scientific evidence to support a creature of that size is in the area. Obviously he wasn’t impressed by Rowley’s footprint cast. Patterson told me he had been out to the area and had taken a ‘nationally renown paranormal sensitive’ and found neither physical evidence or anything the ‘sensitive’… sensed.

He added:

Which brings me to the man that came to the property with dousing rods and said that Mr. Rowley was living on an alien hot bed… threw my years in this business i have focused on ghosts but i have learned that there is only three “Alien hot beds” in the world. Hudson river valley New York, Stonehenge england, and sedona Arizona. the reasons these are named as alien hot spots is because of 4 reasons

1: spiritual meaning/holy ground
2: Military presence
3: High electro magnetic field present
4: Crossing point for the “earth energy lay lines”

This property has none of these… However i have been having problems with the 4th. I have been unable to say that this was not the brain child of a UFO inthusiest that wanted to have these three locations known highly because of their past influence on UFO’s.

Honestly, with a limited approach such as that, I wouldn’t expect him to find anything if the freaking North Port Devil was making out with sasquatch right in front of him. Let’s try to keep an open mind here.

I promised I would post Patterson’s info to credit him for his information.
South West Florida

So that brings us to the full moon…

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2 thoughts on “North Port Devil And The Full Moon – Part One

  1. Thanks Ryan, that sure helps clear up the pressure Joey Nova has put us under. I posted some videos on wink tv, my news. there you san see my new video on the foot cast, I was able to focus on the bottom of the foot and you can see its veins and a clear description of the cloven hoof. We made a lot of videos of orbs on the full moon and a blue “thing” which can be seen at you tube/north port devil

    Mike Rowley

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